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The old model, the new progress of YMS-654-CNC - three coordinates
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The old model, the new progress of YMS-654-CNC - three coordinates

Instrument use:

The instrument is mainly for the purpose of 3D detection,the probe the contact probe. Widely used in precision mould, automobile parts, plastic parts detection of various objects use.

Characteristics of the instrument:

Granite Table 1, integral, Longmen mobile bridge structure, improve athletic performance, to ensure theaccuracy and stability of mechanical systems;

2, all the guide rail adopts high precision air bearing, pre press design, no wear, stable running, ensure the machine dynamic performance;

3, three axis guide rail are used in high precision natural granite, and the three axis has the same temperature characteristic, has good rigidity and anti deformationability;

4, the British Renishaw optical ruler, measuring head,ensure the accuracy and control stability;

5, Lite RATIONAL DMIS multifunction measurementsoftware is easy to learn, to enable the operator toperform the measurement task easily.

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