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The Ninth China International Conference
  1. [ 日期:2013-11-22 查看次数:1458 ]

The Ninth China International Show for two days of meetingsat the start of the plate scale, China's largest, andwidespread influence in the world within the scope of thedisplay industry event.

Guangdong Yuanxing week total invited to the conference

Shenzhen flat panel display industry association, honorary president of the Dong Xuwang and chow.

Shenzhen flat panel display industry association, honorary president of the Dong Xuwang group, Dongguan electronicindustry association chairman Zhang Wei.

For the automatic image measuring instrument for us, AOI and other products to more market, we have been working hard.

Also very grateful to the display industry association,honorary president of the Dong Xuwang, Dongguan electronic industry association chairman Zhang Wei for supporting our company Shenzhen plate.

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